Loft conversion

How to Add Value to your Home

For the last few years, due to the recent changes in the economic climate, many of us have been staying put rather than moving house, even if we feel the need. As house prices have been very static, and people have uncertainty over their incomes and the stability of their job, it’s been far more sensible to make the most of your current home, than risk spending thousands of pounds on a house move. Indeed, sometimes mortgages have been so hard to come by, it’s not been a reasonable option anyway.

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Add some boho touches to your home

Spring, summer, longer days, sunshine, holidays… Wishing we could just leave our day jobs and spend our days travelling, tending to our gardens and enjoy long dinners and chats with friends. Yes, it would be nice to have that kind of lifestyle, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, as so often, completely changing our lives is not always possible, but what can be done is to bring a little bit of the style into our homes.

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How to Dress Your Sofa

Perhaps you’re considering giving your living room a whole new look. With our range of sofas, it couldn’t be easier to choose one you love. But once you have your sofa in place, what look will you be going for in the rest of the space?

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5 Outdoor Makeover Projects for the Easter Holidays

With the Easter weekend pretty much upon us, many of us look to the outside of our homes when it comes to DIY over this period. Easter is traditionally a time when homeowners take their makeover skills outdoors, and spend time revitalising tired and emerging gardens. The Winter has taken its toll, and if you haven’t spent time in the garden this year already, you can usually find plenty that needs some TLC. Here is a little inspiration for some of the tasks you might like to try over the Easter break, to give your garden space the wow factor it deserves.

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Monochrome Easter

Accessorising with Easter Decorations

Easter is nearly here and with that comes another opportunity to decorate our homes for the season, yay! I don’t know about you, but I’m forever changing small details in my home, rearranging accessories and adding new plants – the latter not least because I’m not very lucky with them and they tend to die on me somewhat prematurely. Poorly plants aside, I love festive occasions and the preparations that come with them. Christmas is a given, but also autumnal get-togethers, summer parties and of course Easter.

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7 Ways to Update Your Bedroom

With the change in seasons, we often find our homes are in need of a little love. Perhaps this is why so many of us look to a spring clean to freshen up our surroundings – with more light pouring into our homes, it’s easy to see why we want to greet the summer months with a clean slate.

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side table

10 Ways to Upcycle Wooden Pallets

Why would you want to upcycle an old wooden pallet, I hear you ask? Well, this craze has taken Pinterest by storm, and there are many people showcasing their amazing home accessories, all made out of old wooden pallets. If you’re a fan of upcycling (using old items and turning them into something gorgeous) then this news won’t come as a surprise to you. But if you’re new to the upcycling trend, read on to discover how to update your home with the humble wooden pallet.

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Book storage

Best Storage Ideas for Family Homes

Many think that once the children come along, having a stylish family home is no longer possible. It’s true, the home is never quite the same again, but just because you have babies, doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful home. It sometimes just takes a bit of work, and little imagination.

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