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Indoor Nature Feature

Cleaning your home the natural way

I know, I know, it’s not Spring yet and just a few rays of sunshine don’t mean that we can’t still be in for some heavy winter weather. So really, my thoughts should be on cosying up and drinking tea rather than spring cleaning. However, it’s just those few rays of sunshine that I actually need to get me into the right mood for something fresh and clean.

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Wooden tree

7 Alternative Christmas Trees

For some, there’s nothing better than a traditional Christmas tree. You love the scent of the pine, the lush green colour, and the evocative nature of the tree and what it represents. But, in recent years, a trend has started to emerge. The trend for creating an alternative tree.

Even if you love the tradition of a real tree, this is still something you could try, particularly if you have space in another room, for a different style of tree. At home, we usually have two trees, one for me and one for the children (which avoids me hyperventilating over how the kids decorate the main tree – I just give them their own), so this is a great way to introduce a different style to your Christmas decorations.

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Wall Tree 1

Space saving Christmas Tree Ideas

Ah, to be blessed with a mansion and the space for a 12ft Christmas tree, sparkling with lights and groaning under the weight of baubles and its own branches. What? You mean you don’t have a home like that? Well, you’re not alone as neither do I. Homes in the UK are, in comparison to other countries, notoriously small and if you live in a major city, then space will become even more of an issue. So, what to do at Christmas then when any ‘real life 3D’ tree takes up so much of the living space that getting from the kitchen to the dining table becomes something of an obstacle course? Well, I thought I’d show you some ideas.

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hello wall art

Pallet Wall Art Inspiration

Looking through Pinterest, I find that I’m seeing more and more creative wall art. It really is wonderful, if a little addictive, and so I thought it would be great to share a little of that inspiration on the blog today. A while ago I wrote a post showcasing some great wooden pallet projects for the home, and Pinterest is full of them, including some interesting ideas for pallet wall art. Pallets are freely available, and a wonderfully inexpensive product useful for DIY home accessory projects. So if you’re feeling creative and looking for wall art inspiration, look no further.

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peg and card advent

Creative Advent Calendars

The time is almost upon us. Very soon it will be time to dust of the Advent Calendar and start the countdown to Christmas Day. If you have children, you may be used to buying a chocolate advent calendar from the Supermarket but there are lots of ways you can be more creative with your advent calendar this year. Creating something stylish and individual is a lovely way to add some Christmas cheer to your home too.

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Winter is for Candle Light

It’s dark and gloomy outside and that means one thing: I bring out my candles. The more the better. There’s something about this time of the year that I really like and the warming glow of candles is one of those things. Now, obviously, there are more candles and candle holders out there than any one household could ever need, so things need narrowing down a little. If you (like me) are a fan of big pillar candles, then you might be perfectly happy to simply place one of them onto a small glass coaster and be done with it. However, if you prefer the slim variety, then you will obviously need a candle holder.

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Advent Wreaths

If you’ve spent time in the nordic or germanic countries, you might be familiar with the traditional of having a Advent wreath with four candles. I remember moving to the UK a long time ago and nobody had heard of an Advent wreath – though that might have had something to do with the area I moved to… I went on to painstakingly explain to the florist what it was I was looking for and managed to eventually carry my wreath home. Things have changed since and Advent wreaths and displays have become more commonplace.

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feature 1

7 Quick Tips to Update your Kitchen

There are things you can do in every room of your home to give it a bit of a fresh look and so today I’m going to look at a few ideas for giving your kitchen some extra energy without having to make a huge investment. These are all things that can be done in a few hours or over a single weekend and certainly don’t entail having to call in a builder!

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