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Storage solutions

Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas

Does your main bedroom become a bit of a dumping ground? It should be a place of calm and peace; a haven to which you can escape after a long, hard day. Very often though, as in my case, it becomes the place where things get left, piled and abandoned. In a family home, it’s often a space that the whole family share, particularly when the children are younger, and so it fills up with laundry, paperwork, toys, shopping purchases, clutter and just ‘stuff’. Would you love to be able to clear the clutter, and find a home for all those bits that hang around for weeks? Well, what you need is some clever storage ideas, and it just so happens, we have exactly that.

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feature 1

Get The Look: Eclectic Neutrals Living Room

I haven’t done a buying guide in a while so when I saw the beautifully eclectic living room of Lauren Buxbaum in a simple warm palette, I thought it might be fun to recreate the look using our stunning Hexham Carrie large sofa in ivory as the star of the show.

The beauty of this space is the mix of old and new, traditional and contemporary – a French Rococo style mirror sits comfortably with a modern abstract painting and the simple turned base of the side table doesn’t look out of place with the brass and glass coffee table. Keeping the palette to a mix of warm neutrals, the living room is glamorous but it remains inviting and welcoming.

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front door

10 Top Ideas to Update the Entrance to your Home

It’s a part of our home that often gets forgotten and neglected, but the main entrance to your living space sets the tone for the rest of the house. Furthermore, it gives the first impressions to potential buyers, so if you’re putting your home on the market, it’s the first place you need to update in order to get your viewers through the front door. Neglect your kerb appeal and you’ll find it harder to get people through into your home, no matter how fabulous it looks inside.

So what you can you do to ensure your front door and more looks its best?

Here are my Top 10 Ideas to Update the Entrance to your Home:

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Storage Solutions

For some, the need for more storage heralds a big donation of unearthed and unwanted bits and pieces to the local charity shop, but there are always bits and bobs to hold on to; still in need of a home within the home.

In the latter case you may need to splash out on some new storage furniture to hide away some of that clutter that you just can’t bare to part with.

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How to Use Animal Prints in Your Home

While animal prints rarely go out of style in some form or another, many people are terrified of using them in their homes. And for good reason. Pour on the animal print in your home and you can go from trendy to tacky faster than you can say, ‘Kat Slater’s fashion sense.’

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Petal Confetti

Dry your summer flowers

Summer seems to be fading away quickly at the moment. Strange to think that only a couple of weeks back we were basking in glorious sunshine and sweltering temperatures. Suddenly the temperature has dropped, some rain has set in and the end of the summer seems to draw closer. The thing that I find the saddest is (apart from my heating bill being set to go up again) the fading of all those summer flowers. The ones that grow in gardens and in fields. Of course it’s possible to buy flowers all year round nowadays, but it’s just not the same as seeing them actually grow in nature.

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Hexagon Tiles

Inspired floors

A fabulous floor will set the tone for the rest of the room and the home. So, with that in mind, I have searched for some striking and beautiful examples which are great to inspire and maybe give some confidence when it comes to future choices.

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