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Top Storage Ideas for Boys’ Toys

If you’re like me, you are constantly trying to find better and better storage solutions for the stuff, ahem, I mean treasures, that your little ones tend to clutter their rooms with. As they get older, they seem to accumulate more and more of said items, and scatter them lovingly across the room. How many of you have stood barefooted on a piece of Lego? Or maybe vacuumed up a small bucket load of loom bands? Whatever their age, our adorable offspring love to collect treasures, toys, magazines, books and craft supplies, so what’s the best way to keep them all neat and tidy? Well let’s take a look at some of my storage finds.

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Bohemian Table

Beautiful summer table ideas

I don’t know about you, but I like a good party with friends and if the weather allows, I like to have this party outside. Now, I’m not talking about any huge crowds, but a nice and fun gathering that will make everybody feel like they’ve had a special afternoon or evening. To make a small party special we do of course need some good food and drink, maybe a little music and of course a nicely set table. So, when it comes to the table, I believe it’s important to put a little effort into the way it looks. It doesn’t have to be outlandish or expensive, but a little bit of thought about a theme or a colour scheme goes a long way to making your party a lovely event. To this end, I’ve gathered together some quite different looks and I hope that one of them will appeal to you and give you ideas for your next summer party.

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Styled living space

How to Style your Home Like a Professional

Recently, I attended a blogging conference, Blogtacular, where design and lifestyle bloggers collected together to learn from their peers and inspirational professionals in their field. One of my favourite workshop sessions was with the rather fabulous Ellie Tennant, a freelance interiors journalist and author of ‘Design Bloggers at Home’, who shared some of her top tips for styling. Now of course, lots of these tips are more relevant for journalists and bloggers who are photographing pieces for articles, but there were lots of ideas that translated into real homes. These are the tips I would like to share with you, plus some extras, so that you can gain inspiration for styling up your own home.

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Bikes Print Feature

All yellow…

Big news – just in case you haven’t heard yet (which of course you have) – the Tour de France is coming to the UK this year. From Yorkshire through the Peak District National Park, down to Cambridge and past many of the big London landmarks, this is a truly fabulous event not just for cycling enthusiasts. Who will get to wear the yellow jersey this year?

So, to stick with the yellow theme, I thought it’d be fun to put together a bit of yellow inspiration for our homes. Besides, it’s summer and the sun is out, so surely yellow is the happiest colour for this time of the year, don’t you think? Now, I’m not saying you should run out, buy buckets of paint and redecorate your rooms. Just some well-chosen accessories are enough to bring a bit of summer cheer and brightness into any home. Yellow looks really fresh combined with white interiors and brings a pop of colour to dramatic dark homes. Grey and yellow together are a really great look.

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Picinic with bike Feature

Take it outside: tips for a summer picnic

I know, I know, I usually talk about interiors here. But with summer in full swing, the sun being out and the temperatures rising, I thought I’d take you outside for a picnic. Let’s give our homes, rooms and sofas a little rest and enjoy the sunshine. If you’re up for it and you would like to spend a leisurely afternoon in a park or the countryside, then I have a few little tips on how to make your picnic just a little nicer than a set of plastic containers on a blanket. After all, why not put the same thought into life’s little details as we put into our homes?

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feature 1

Trend Spotting: Pineapples

I have to admit, I do love a good pineapple motif in my interiors. While jumping on every trend bandwagon isn’t a particularly good look for your home (who wants to change their interiors every time there’s a new trend?) and not particularly good for the wallet (who has the money to do that?), this one actually has gone back hundreds of years, dating back to Renaissance Europe.

How about a fascinating little history lesson whilst perusing some gorgeous pineapple-inspired interiors? Oh, go on then…

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The Best Wallpapers for Your Summer Home

If you’ve read some of my previous posts here, or maybe have followed my own personal Interiors blog, you’ll know how much of a wallpaper fan I am. I am thrilled that in recent years, interior design has seen a resurgence of wallpaper to the point where there are some stunning designs and patterns out there, and some incredible products too.

Did you know, for example, you can buy magnetic wallpaper? Or wallpaper that you can doodle on, and colour in? Or bespoke wall murals, cut and prepared specifically for your wall space? Or even an origami wallpaper? There are a myriad of patterns and prints too, so there’s bound to be something for everyone, at different budgets.

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Open Shelving Feature

Ways to make a small kitchen feel bigger

I have a big problem in my home. Actually its a “big small” problem. I love to cook, but I have a small kitchen. So, I always have to try and come up with ways to clear some space, work around all the appliances and gadgets I have and do my best not to splatter dough or grease all over the place. Trouble is, as I’m renting there isn’t really very much I can do about changing my kitchen. It goes without saying that I’m not allowed to rip out cabinets or replace the flooring, which is unfortunate as I know I would be able to create something rather more appealing. That doesn’t stop me from thinking about what I would do if I could though, and if you are faced with a small kitchen and in the position to change it all, then I have a few tips here on how to make it look bigger.

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