8 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Storage

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Storage. Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? Perhaps you are one of many who absolutely YAWN when they think about organisation… or maybe you’re a little like me who gets rather excited by “a place for everything and everything in its place”. I know, it’s probably a little odd to […]

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5 Best Kids Toy Storage Solutions

Pop storage

If you’ve ever padded around your child’s bedroom barefoot, tidying up quietly whilst they sleep, and then stepped on a rogue piece of Lego, you’ll know how crucial good toy storage is. The never-ending array of books, toys, jigsaws, games and dressing up equipment litters every child’s bedroom, and it […]

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Get The Look: California Boho

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Yes! The days are getting longer, the sun is (at least occasionally, we do live in the UK after all) out, we can pack away our winter woollies and make travel plans. Or, in the absence of big travel plans, we can at least breathe some fresh decorating air into […]

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Get The Look: Home of Thrones


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on April 24th, promising a brand new season of lust, treachery and a whole lot of bloodshed. We can’t wait to find out what’s happening with Sansa, Tyrion and Cersei – and what on Earth is going on with Jon Snow?! Sadly we […]

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Easy Tricks To A Light, Bright Hallway

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Let’s be honest, it’s one of the hardest areas in a home to decorate and often it just becomes a dumping ground for coats and shoes, and a thoroughfare into the main body of the house. But if you want your hallway to be more than a dark, dingy passageway, […]

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Trend Watch: Two Toned Kitchens

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With what I’m calling a ‘mini remodel’ on my own kitchen this year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the current trends in kitchen design to see what I might wish to adopt in my own space. While we’ll be replacing our worktops and tiles, the one thing I’m […]

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Get The Look: French Country


France has always been associated with all things chic. Paris is regarded as the fashion capital of the world, and endless books have been written about channelling Parisian style in everything from fashion to food. But it’s not all about the city! Thinking of the French countryside conjures up idyllic […]

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Accessorising with Yellow

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Yellow is often not the first colour we think of when buying items for our home. Unless we are naturally very colourful with a home that would make a rainbow look pale, we tend to go for “safe” colours. Blues, greens, maybe some pink. But yellow? It’s a relatively rare […]

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Spring Cleaning: Easy Ways To Declutter


What do we think of when we think of spring? We think of lambs in fields, big bunches of daffodils and, of course, spring cleaning! The warmer weather and the longer days get us all reaching for our dusters, giving the house a thorough cleanse of all the dirt and […]

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