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Petal Confetti

Dry your summer flowers

Summer seems to be fading away quickly at the moment. Strange to think that only a couple of weeks back we were basking in glorious sunshine and sweltering temperatures. Suddenly the temperature has dropped, some rain has set in and the end of the summer seems to draw closer. The thing that I find the saddest is (apart from my heating bill being set to go up again) the fading of all those summer flowers. The ones that grow in gardens and in fields. Of course it’s possible to buy flowers all year round nowadays, but it’s just not the same as seeing them actually grow in nature.

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Homey oh my

Top Pinterest Boards for Home Interiors Inspiration

So we all need some inspiration when it comes to decorating, designing our homes, and interior design trends, tips and tricks. One of the BEST places to look, if you haven’t yet discovered it, is Pinterest. A social media platform with a difference, Pinterest is a collection of virtual noticeboards. Create your own, personal themed boards, and collect the images that work for you. Search Pinterest for your inspiration, or collect it from around the internet, and populate your boards with the images that you love. If you have used it before, you’ll know how addictive it can be. Be warned, you will lose hours of your life to this resource, but you will LOVE it.

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Open book shelf

Creative Storage for Book Lovers

Do you love to read? Are you a bookworm that loves a physical book as opposed to your Kindle? If your family is anything like ours, you will have a house full of books. With a few kids that read non-stop and a husband that loves to collect information books, our house is bursting at the seams with books. But what do you do with them all? Where do you put them?

In celebration of Book Lovers Day, we would love to examine the many different, stylish ways of displaying and storing your books in the hope of giving you a little bit of much needed inspiration.

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Lighting Feature

Industrial touch…

In case you hadn’t heard, the industrial trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It looks like it’s here to stay for some time yet. Having of course been around for a little while, it has become a firm favourite with designers and stylists alike. Like a lot of trends, this one could easily dismissed as a fleeting bit of fun. However, this is more than just a trend to buy into and then discard.

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Top Storage Ideas for Boys’ Toys

If you’re like me, you are constantly trying to find better and better storage solutions for the stuff, ahem, I mean treasures, that your little ones tend to clutter their rooms with. As they get older, they seem to accumulate more and more of said items, and scatter them lovingly across the room. How many of you have stood barefooted on a piece of Lego? Or maybe vacuumed up a small bucket load of loom bands? Whatever their age, our adorable offspring love to collect treasures, toys, magazines, books and craft supplies, so what’s the best way to keep them all neat and tidy? Well let’s take a look at some of my storage finds.

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