How To: Plan A Brand New Kitchen

Colours - Contemporary Kitchen

Renovations of any kind can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, but creating a new kitchen from scratch is particularly so as there are so many key elements to incorporate. Whether you’re using a designer or doing it yourself there are still lots of points you need to remember and many […]

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How To: Brighten Up Your Home For Autumn


We’re sorry to say it, but summer is beginning to draw to a close. Picnics are being packed away, blankets pulled out of storage and it’s starting to get a little bit darker at night. It’s sad, but if you’re anything like us you might actually be a bit excited, […]

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Top Tips For Decorating Awkward Corners

Shelf Feature

Ugh! Weird and small corners, places that look and feel redundant but are of course part of our home. Occasionally they might be used as something of a “dumping ground” and accumulate shoes left by teens, wet umbrellas, baskets with old papers designated for recycling. I’m fairly certain we all […]

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Kitchen Updates That Won’t Break the Bank


I’ve been thinking a lot about kitchens lately. This is mostly due to the fact that our own kitchen is half way through a bit of a makeover and so at the moment, creating a great design that doesn’t cost the earth and yet still gives me the look I’m […]

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The 5 Best Lights Your Home Needs Now

Bell Lamp Grey Medium

After recently visiting Spain and touring through some incredible Spanish design, I remembered how much I love lighting. I haven’t visited a showcase post concentrating on lighting for a while now, and wanted to bring some of my passion for great lights back to you, and discover what’s hot on […]

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The Easy Way To Dine Outside


Did someone say ‘heatwave’? I seem to have some sort of spider senses when it comes to the appearance of our long-lost friend the sun, and as soon as it threatens to pop up and say hello I’m there. In the garden, in an outdoor pool, in a park, on […]

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How To Photograph Your Home Like An Instagram Pro

Living Room Feature

There might be a time, at some point in your life, where you will want or need to photograph your home. Whether you’re a blogger or you’re looking to sell (and let’s face it, estate agent pictures aren’t always the greatest), you will most probably want to represent your home […]

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Trend Watch: Blush Pink and Mustard


One of the most popular colours in interiors at the moment has to be blush pink. We all know that pink can be polarising in terms of opinion (I would happily cover a whole room in it while my other half would much prefer it kept to very small accents, […]

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Guide: Back To Uni Checklist

A Splash Of Colour Bedroom lifestyle image

If you’re preparing yourself for heading off to University, now’s the time to start checking you have everything you need. You might be heading into final year, or you might be moving into your very own place for the first time! Either way, the high street is full of ideas […]

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