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colourful dining

How to Use Colour in the Home

If the thought of using colour to any great extent in your home frightens you, fear no more. It really is time to embrace colour and brighten your home with a few lively hues. Decorating your home is all about injecting your personality into your decor. There are no right and wrong ways to go about this, bring together pieces that you love and organise them in the way that you want. Let your home be a reflection of who you are, and let it suit the way you and your family live. If it goes wrong, or if you find you can’t live with it, then try again.

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Trend Daily

Inspired reading – blogs

I don’t know about you, but I love reading blogs for inspiration, ideas and also for their entertainment value. The fact that you’re here, reading this, might indicate that you’re the same. There are of course gazillions of blogs on the internet and it can get pretty overwhelming when you get drawn from one to the next and – whoosh – suddenly a few hours have passed and the laundry is still in the washing machine waiting to be hung up. It happens to me on a regular basis!

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2015 Trend Watch: Home Bars and Bar Carts

By the time I reached my mid-30s, the lure of going out to pubs and clubs on the weekends no longer held the same pull it did in my 20s and early 30s. Where once I would gleefully look forward to Friday night, strapping on a pair of heels and dancing into the wee hours, cocktail in hand, I now just wanted to spend my evening wrapped under a cosy blanket with my other half, watching a film and be in bed by midnight! I think this is something that happens to most of us – not to mention, the discomfort of feeling like you are the oldest person in a nightclub! As we get older (and probably wiser), it’s much more fun to entertain at home and it seems the nation agrees. Staying in is the new going out!

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Inspired Read

Inspired reading – books

I love a good book. Generally something to actually read, you know, like a novel, for bedtime but I also love books on interiors. In other words, books with pretty pictures. Yes, I know, I’m supposed to read highly intellectual texts and not look at pretty pictures at my age, right?

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7 Creative Bedroom Ideas to Try This Weekend

When it comes to our bedrooms, most of us will naturally go with décor that’s calm and serene. And of course, that makes sense when we want our bedrooms to be a sanctuary away from the rest of our house – somewhere we can go at the end of the day and recharge our batteries. However, what often happens is that we try so hard to make our bedrooms look ‘calm’ that they can very easily cross the line to ‘boring’. And if there’s one thing that’s not very enjoyable at all it’s a boring, bland, flat room with no personality.

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6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room for Spring

I admit, I’m not a ‘winter’ person. The dark mornings, the turmoil of turning up the heat vs facing a huge gas bill, the absolutely requirement for a warm drink in hand at all times, the layers of jumpers and socks, of tights and knee high boots – for some, it’s cosy. For me? It’s a battle against the elements. No, I’m ready for Spring.

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Chalet Photo Wall

Fab new wallpapers

Wallpaper has moved on. Oh yes. Gone are the days of ditzy flower patterns on cream background. Well, they’re obviously still available, but they’re now one of many options, rather than the only one available. Wallpaper has also moved on from looking like, er, wallpaper. There are now some amazing choices available which don’t even look like wallpaper anymore! Each of these will give your home a very unique and stylish look which is something you will never achieve with a coat of magnolia paint.

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